Motivation and Love

Basically, we are motivated about something when we have a reason to act in a certain way related to the thing. For example, there are many motivations for work thirty five or more hours a week, like enjoy doing something useful for others, or expressing our potentialities through a well-done work, or even simply for money, indeed, this last possibility often is more a need than a motivation.

One meaning of love is to have a strong liking for, to take great pleasure in something. We even can do something simply because we love it. So love is a motivation. Reflecting a bit, when we are doing something we really enjoy, we can say we love do it, no more motivations are needed. Even people working for earn lots of money, do it because they “love money”. Being more subtle, people who work simply for live also are motivated for to live well, for  don’t fall in poverty, because they love themselves enough for act in this way.

So, consider this statement: ultimately, all motivation is based in love for something, maybe for ourselves, for our family, friends, for a well-done work, for power o money, etc. Without love there are not any motivation for act.

Let me go further: all things surrounding us are created by any motivation, so by love; the building where you live, for enjoy a warm and secure home, so for self-love, self-care, the streets, cars, many services at our disposal, are motivated for give a good environment to the society, so for care, for love to it. Thinking in this way, the reader can realize how many implicated is love as ultimate motivation in all the human creations.

Now we go even further: what is the motivation, if any, of life in itself? Science, pragmatically, says as there are not any motivation, things simply happened … although is impressively unlikely the complexity of life arises and evolves without any motive, but science, for their own nature, has to maintain  their statements. What about love as ultimate motivation for life? Why our billions of cells are working together, cooperating in an incredible sophisticated way, for maintain our body alive? Is life unmotivated? Try to consider, for a moment, that love is also the motivation of all life; try to meditate on it, with open mind, without judgment, simply observing the resonances of such concept.

Similarly, all the creation, from the big explosion named Big Bang, up to the present Universe, is an evolution from nothing at all up to cosmos we have and we live into. No motivation? Random creation and evolution? Science must say it, is mandatory for any scientist think in such way, but again, try to consider there are a motivation underlying, a primal motivation, the same from the entire cosmos, up to every human being. Adopting uncountable forms, such primary love impulses, motivates all the dynamic of the cosmos. Try to meditate in it, with open mind, and the results will come.


Take and give

Rediscovering what is intuited that touches you.
And it does not come until you open yourself to listen with your whole being, naked and complete.
And then it does not just come, it explodes inside and it vibrates outside.
Falling in love with the present moment, with no ties to anyone.
Not even with you.
Yes, lover of anyone.
Freedom to create spaces … spaces of love.

Written and shared with me by a student of Mindfulness course

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Contemplative attitude


Short contemplation

You are walking in the countryside, thinking of your things, paying little attention to surroundings; then, distractedly, you look away and watch a wonderful landscape, it was there for a long, but you didn’t notice it yet. In this moment, your mind stop, no thoughts, no worries, you only contemplate the panorama, and for a short time, you experience a silent and peace mind, a  mind only observing without any intellectual motion. However such state is not lasting, your mind is not trained for to keep silent, and after a moment the thoughts return. But for a moment, you was contemplating.


Sometimes our mind exhaust us with tones of worries, remembers, pending tasks, and other stuff. in that times we want to escape to another place, hoping the distance from our habitual environment also be a distance from our habitual thoughts; sometimes it works, up to a point, sometimes not, because we took our mind with us wherever we go. Anyway, for a lot of people the only way to rest from their own mind is escaping to another physical place, or doing something distracting, like watch a movie, talk with friends, etc. All of this escaping ways are short, they are short relieves.

Lasting contemplation

At the beginning of the Christmas holidays I felt the need of escaping: after months of hard, continuous work, days of shopping, endless queues, family meals … come near. I really desired be calm, not all of these Christmas stuff, but, how can tell it to my family? It was impossible. Suddenly the idea came into my mind: wait a second …

you are looking for the state of contemplation, through escaping far away, to a calm and peaceful place, but you can adopt the contemplative attitude right here and now, no need to physically escape, instead, escape from your thoughts now!   

An attitude is a mental disposition, also a mental state related to such disposition. A trained mind can be directed to a mental disposition at will. So, then, I put my attention behind, behind my thoughts, in the center of the mind, an action to which every experienced meditator is accustomed, having done it daily for years: centering the attention in the middle of the  field of consciousness. I wrote about this meditation ability time ago in this blog: Centeredness of attention

The result was I found myself contemplating all my field of consciousness, thoughts included, also external things. The dis-identification of my own thoughts, a natural result produced by the centering of attention, brought me the peace I was looking for.

Ant it really works well … I was able to pass throughout all the “holidays” very peacefully, like I was alone in a far mountains watching a spectacular sunset. Have been the best Christmas I remember in many years. Obviously, the next challenge is keep such state even at work; hope I’ll be successful.

Happiness is hidden in a corner of your heart


Bridge over the abyss. Source:

The river of life runs between the banks of pain and pleasure. The mind creates the abyss, the heart crosses it.
You are not passing through life, you are here because you are life.
You are this twig of conscious life rocking on the swing of existence.


The candle flame expands its light. Source:


When you discover the flower that springs every morning in the heart of the friend, the love that unites eclipses the mind that separates.
Reason tells you that you are barely anything in the immensity of the cosmos, but the heart assures you that you are everything.
The flower fills the space with its perfume, the candle flame expands its light. Neither the flower nor the flame do anything; and yet they change everything by their mere presence.



Every drop of the ocean carries the scent of the ocean. Every moment of your life carries the fragrance of the eternal.



Happiness is hidden in a corner of your heart. Sleep quiet, oblivious to your anxiety, waiting for you to wake her up.
Your real being is love itself and the multitude of your loves are its reflection.

-Mario Carrillo-

All that we have, all that we are

In Spain there are a region, about 400 x 200 km, named Catalonia, with a great wealth of landscapes: nice beaches, cliffs, mountains, lakes, forests, rivers, fields and, of course, little villages, towns and cities.


Landscapes of Catalonia

In similar way, but to a much greater extent, in human being many facets of Nature converge: we are corporeal, we have a body made of matter, the same matter that surrounds us, subject to gravity, occupies a space, contains huge amount of chemical compounds. Also, we have living beings, our body is alive, moreover, we contain an astronomical number of another living beings, named cells, all together working in association, with an incredible precision and organization. Also, we have a sophisticated nervous system, we are sensitive, sentient beings, having a huge amount of sensations, feelings and emotions (more than three hundred emotions have been identified), and of course we are intelligent beings. We also are social beings, having a very complex organised society. And at last, but not less important, we are spiritual beings, with moral, ethical, existential doubts, with faiths, and pursuing happiness.

When a traveler arrives to Catalonia, he has a wide set of options for choose: let me see … maybe I’ll visit such little village at high mountains, or maybe I’ll walk in the woods, or maybe I prefer first visit such beautiful lake… no matter with the choice, the important thing is all such places are available for enjoying. And also for our awareness there are many options for live, for visit and enjoy: we can attend our body, feeling their life, also we can visit our emotions and feelings, a rich set of experiences are waiting for us there, or we can choose visit our intellect, a vast field of experiences, intellectual pleasures, imaginations, etc. Very often, people forget we are travelers of our own Universe. Please, remember to visit frequently all these inner places; if a traveler arrives Catalonia and only visit a beach indeed not know nothing of the territory, similarly, a person who lives only in one place, such their thoughts about work and daily obligations, forgetting the rest of their places, is not full living.

There is a unique Self


Individuality is a mental creation, so is relative; our mind analyzes the information given by our senses, and create our point of view of reality, so we believe there are uncountable separated objects. Also, our mind creates ideas about ourselves, making the so named “ego”, or our psychological individuality, another very relative (and unstable) creation that we take as absolute. Analyzing  deeper, mind finds our own body is made of almost uncountable forms of life named cells, and going deeper, each cell is also formed by uncountable atoms. In this way mind atomizes the reality. But at last, the atomization is so hard that we find void: matter is in 99,99% void! Seems no sense… where are the objects?

Beyond the image given by mind, the reality is one, without any separation. And this unique reality is complex, and can be seen from multiple points of view, having uncountable aspects ans facets.

The Self when it appears behind the universe is called God. The same Self when it appears behind this little universe—the body—is the soul. – Swami Vivekananda

“Is called God” means our mind label the unique Self, giving it a name, and also a sort of “personality”, but, again, is a creation of our little minds; the Self is beyond any conception, because is not mind, indeed, mind is only one facet of the Self.

But this fact not imply we must abandon our mind, on the contrary, mind can be highly developed and refined through study, reflection, concentration and meditation; in this way we become aware of the real, and we don’t fall anymore in ignorance, blindly believes, closed points of views, etc, and we human beings become able to know, to really understand the nature of reality.