I was a scientific, having a degree on Physics and a master on Applied Maths, doing research, for some years; I still are a teacher on these subjects. Since my young days I also have been a follower of Oriental Philosophy, mainly Yoga (classic Yoga, not only Hatha Yoga) and Buddhism. And in the last years, also a meditator. Now a days, my very main aim is to achieve self-knowledge, following the classic quote :”know yourself”.

A conventional mind is a closed mind: like a closed room in which we live, without notice there are a vast Universe out there. To know yourselves deeply implies to know the Universe, because we are the Universe.  That’s why the name of this blog is “The closed mind

To know deeply ourselves is not easy; like a brave spaceman, the inner traveler have to explore a vast, deep inner space; and while he travel, it seems like he lose himself, in a process of negation: I am not this, nor this, nor … First, the traveler notice he’s not the body; then, he notice he’s not the thoughts, nor the emotions. Eventually, there comes a time when the traveler becomes nothing!

Due to such radical transformation of the traveler, I’ve given to this blog the “surname”:  An epic travel toward self-knowledge.

Hope you find some interesting stuff here!


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