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  • Contemplative attitude   you are looking for the state of contemplation, through escaping far away, to a calm and peaceful place, but you can adopt the contemplative attitude right here and now


  • Happiness is hidden in a corner of your heart   Happiness is hidden in a corner of your heart. Sleep quiet, oblivious to your anxiety, waiting for you to wake her up.
    Your real being is love itself and the multitude of your loves are its reflection….
  • All that we have, all that we are  A person who lives only in one place, such their thoughts about work and daily obligations, forgetting the rest of their places, is not full living.
  • There is a unique Self Beyond the image given by mind, the reality is one, without any separation. And this unique reality is complex, and can be seen from multiple points of view, having uncountable aspects ans facets.
  • Life’s ups and downs and emotional states …the source of emotional ups and downs, the need of stabilize emotional states for live a healthy life…
  • Luck and attitude in life the real lucky in life is to have a positive attitude towards it … the attitude is completely independent of personal circumstances…
  • Centeredness of attention Centeredness … is learning to stand and stay (in the deep identity) as long as we can. I am that who are seeing, feeling, doing physically
  • The inexistent self of Buddhism, and the trans-personal self The meditative traditions continue where psychoanalysis ends … we cut the roots of the reaction … That eliminates much suffering
  • Untangling … indeed,  desires and thoughts exists thanks to our automatic identification with them
  • Mindfulness: the Buddhist original concept …always keep in mind the path of liberation of suffering
  • Personality development …we really can talk about self-realization, when the person discover their identity working from higher up to lower planes of personality, which is an instrument of expression
  • The canvas of the mind any thought arising in the mind can be seen as a figure, an object, created on a canvas
  • Where are you living? If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present
  • “They say they think with their heads”  the excessive use of intellect in the developed societies is the source of most of our troubles
  • Divine seeds like a seed is potentially a tree, but needs to be buried in the ground for become stimulated to grow, (…) so the soul needs to be buried in the mind and in the matter for become stimulated to grow as a radiant being who knows himself as He is
  • Delusions of separateness Just imagine we stop “looking at the navel” and instead we start to look at reality without mental filters, what we can see then?
  • Identification of the person with ideas, thoughts, opinions There is a natural demand for be somebody, but who? It is this tendency to satisfy the demand to be someone that brings us to build an ego from ideas
  • Reflective meditation, or meditation for wisdom the culmination of the process is achieved when the conscious mind grasps the information of the deep mind on the subject chosen, when we use the mind as a receiver of knowledge…
  • Quietnessis the highest form of intelligence which is never personal, never yours or mine. Being anonymous, it is whole and immaculate …
  • Meditation on individuality and self-realization …the innate potential of individualization uses personality  to create the illusion of the existence of a separate, autonomous individual…
  • The way of knowledge … ordinary mind is so dedicated to fulfil selfish desires than become entangled with them, making a mess named “kama-manas”, desire-mind…
  • Spiritual Psychology …from this point of view, seems we are the first of a new human species, the meditators one, and we live in a transition epoch, at the doors of a new gold age…
  • Evolution of our identity: from little ego up to the Self There comes a time when the person realize he, as an identity, is not any thing, but a pure subject beyond any object or name…
  • A mind inside a Mind …the identity of the person abandon the scene, running away, yet the body alone is able to do the work without “us”. How is possible?
  • Evolution And the stone that sits up on the very top, of the mountain’s mighty face, doesn’t think it’s more important, than the stones that forms the base
  • The key to happiness: a short tale Look into yourself. “Challenge”  God and steal his supreme happiness
  • A Touch of Zen wisdom some quotes uttered by the Zen master Berta Meneses in a lecture, including a personal brief comment
  • The unnoticed anger the anger generated by the frustrated desire make us lose our ability to discern, our “common sense”
  • Searching the “I” We identify with what we are, not who we are
  • Desire can prevent Love be above our desires, be the Lord of our inner world, not their slave…
  • What are we, and who are we? The subject always has been there, unobserved; the field are constantly changing, the subject not





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