All that we have, all that we are

In Spain there are a region, about 400 x 200 km, named Catalonia, with a great wealth of landscapes: nice beaches, cliffs, mountains, lakes, forests, rivers, fields and, of course, little villages, towns and cities.


Landscapes of Catalonia

In similar way, but to a much greater extent, in human being many facets of Nature converge: we are corporeal, we have a body made of matter, the same matter that surrounds us, subject to gravity, occupies a space, contains huge amount of chemical compounds. Also, we have living beings, our body is alive, moreover, we contain an astronomical number of another living beings, named cells, all together working in association, with an incredible precision and organization. Also, we have a sophisticated nervous system, we are sensitive, sentient beings, having a huge amount of sensations, feelings and emotions (more than three hundred emotions have been identified), and of course we are intelligent beings. We also are social beings, having a very complex organised society. And at last, but not less important, we are spiritual beings, with moral, ethical, existential doubts, with faiths, and pursuing happiness.

When a traveler arrives to Catalonia, he has a wide set of options for choose: let me see … maybe I’ll visit such little village at high mountains, or maybe I’ll walk in the woods, or maybe I prefer first visit such beautiful lake… no matter with the choice, the important thing is all such places are available for enjoying. And also for our awareness there are many options for live, for visit and enjoy: we can attend our body, feeling their life, also we can visit our emotions and feelings, a rich set of experiences are waiting for us there, or we can choose visit our intellect, a vast field of experiences, intellectual pleasures, imaginations, etc. Very often, people forget we are travelers of our own Universe. Please, remember to visit frequently all these inner places; if a traveler arrives Catalonia and only visit a beach indeed not know nothing of the territory, similarly, a person who lives only in one place, such their thoughts about work and daily obligations, forgetting the rest of their places, is not full living.


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