There is a unique Self


Individuality is a mental creation, so is relative; our mind analyzes the information given by our senses, and create our point of view of reality, so we believe there are uncountable separated objects. Also, our mind creates ideas about ourselves, making the so named “ego”, or our psychological individuality, another very relative (and unstable) creation that we take as absolute. Analyzing  deeper, mind finds our own body is made of almost uncountable forms of life named cells, and going deeper, each cell is also formed by uncountable atoms. In this way mind atomizes the reality. But at last, the atomization is so hard that we find void: matter is in 99,99% void! Seems no sense… where are the objects?

Beyond the image given by mind, the reality is one, without any separation. And this unique reality is complex, and can be seen from multiple points of view, having uncountable aspects ans facets.

The Self when it appears behind the universe is called God. The same Self when it appears behind this little universe—the body—is the soul. – Swami Vivekananda

“Is called God” means our mind label the unique Self, giving it a name, and also a sort of “personality”, but, again, is a creation of our little minds; the Self is beyond any conception, because is not mind, indeed, mind is only one facet of the Self.

But this fact not imply we must abandon our mind, on the contrary, mind can be highly developed and refined through study, reflection, concentration and meditation; in this way we become aware of the real, and we don’t fall anymore in ignorance, blindly believes, closed points of views, etc, and we human beings become able to know, to really understand the nature of reality.


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