The canvas of the mind

Canvas and figures

Imagine we have in front of us a white canvas and a marker pen, and we feel the need, the impulse of drawing …hello1

If we are, or with training, we become a good experienced drawers, we have no limits in our artist expression … from simple forms up to complex ones:


Our mind tends to attend preferentially to the draws, the objects on the canvas, not on the canvas itself; but clearly all the figures need a canvas, a base, for be drawn, for exist: without the canvas base nothing can be drawn, this is clear. Are the figures more “real” than the canvas? Of course not, because canvas also exists, and furthermore, is a prerequisite for the existence of any drawing, so in some way, canvas seems more real than the figures. Because canvas have no form, our mind tends to ignore it.

Canvas of the mind and thoughts

Similarly, any thought arising in the mind can be seen as a figure, an object, created on a canvas. What is such canvas of the mind? We can notice it paying attention, and meditation is an excellent tool for train our inner attention. I only can recommend what I’ve tried for myself, but is not the only way: doing mantra meditation, that is, repeating slowly a word or a short phrase, at least twenty minutes every day … when we are able to pay full attention to the mantra, then we can try the next level of the training, paying  attention to the silence between words, expanding it (so we need to repeat more slowly the mantra), since the pause between the words be so vivid and clear than the words itself; that mental silence is the canvas of the mind.

As a paper, the canvas of the mind contains infinite possibilities, all kind of thoughts can arise from it. Paying more and more attention to the canvas it acquires more reality for us; eventually, with enough time, the feeling of a quiet ground will be noticed even without any mantra or meditation technique, it will be felt between the daily routine, giving us a feel of solid peace beyond any life circumstance. Why? because attention focused on anything get the thing into our consciousness, so putting together our  consciousness and a stable, non limited inner mental space gives us a expanded new perspective  of ourselves and about the external world. Is not difficult achieve such state, is enough with some weeks of daily training for be able to notice it, and some months for stabilize it. The benefits are important: we carry with us an imperturbable inner peace, with no limits, with no conditions, and in this crazy world such peace is inestimable.



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