Delusions of separateness


In the Universe of delusions of our little individual mind there are one category that is specially harmful for ourselves: separateness. In the picture I illustrate it: in a vast Sea we can see countless contiguous waves, all of them forming part of the Sea. If any wave had a little individual mind, then it were possible situations like the one of the picture: a wave feeling alone, looking for friendship, maybe for love, and moreover, hoping a forever unchanged relationship. There are other delusions also originated from separateness, that are even more dangerous: see the others as different from ourselves, and fear or even reject such differences.

A wave of the Sea is unstable, fickle, and last for a short lapse of time, there are not any stable part in it, and of course is not alone at all, but surrounded by other waves of their same nature; analyzing with our mind any wave, we can see differences between them: there are tall and short waves, large and small, breaking and smooth ones, newborn and old ones, etc., but, all of them are waves. Also, human being is unstable, fickle, and last for a short lapse of time, and lives surrounded by billions of fellows. Why this sense of separateness?

The delusions of separateness and his by-products are originated,  created by our individual mind. Indeed, is the main function of the so-named psychological ego, a mental construct that feels separated from all the environment, and feels threatened for anything that challenges their sense of separateness … but at the same time such separateness make him very weak, so the ego is always looking for protection, for security, for a stable environment, for people who help him to survive. In this complicated two directions movement, towards separateness for survive as an individual ego, and also towards the others for have help, human being lives. Is a very  complicated balance, producing schizophrenic behavior: people walking on the street, coinciding on a elevator, or in a train car, avoiding eye contact, for fear to be damaged in some way; neighbors in apartments, living side-by-side for decades, without almost any human contact,  family living  people wanting to live home, maybe divorcing, maybe emancipating prematurely due to hard disputes with parents, etc etc.

Just imagine we stop “looking at the navel” and instead we start to look at reality without mental filters, what we can see then? Is easy: a Sea of billions of fellows, with out same characteristics, exactly the same, the ones of the human specie. Also, we can see our little mind is no more than a product of Nature, and also has the same characteristics in all our fellows. We are strongly focused on the differences, and don’t realize the similitudes, the oneness that embraces all the individuals.


If those penguins had Ego, many of them were lonely there, others would fell threatened by others, and some of them will attack others

Indeed, we have here an enigma: there is a Natural force named the evolution of species, and also other force named conservation of the species; both acting coordinately. The former are dedicated to “tuning” the species for improve their adaptation, but also is able to create new species; the last is the conservative one, dedicated to exactly reply the DNA from individual to individual, and also to defense against eternal attacks. It happens that evolution, the first force, has given us human beings a so developed nervous system (originally created for help the second Natural force, conservation of the individual) that creates a virtual psychological ego, so worried for survive that is able to involve himself in armed conflicts … killing other members of their own specie for political, or religious, or other reasons (that is, psychological invented reasons)… so attacking directly the Natural force of conservation of species!  Maybe human being is an error of the evolution? Then, our future will be become extinct for our own hand. Maybe is an intermediate product toward a new specie? I think so, also Eckhart Tolle, the well known writer and speaker, think in this way, see for example The Ego, the Now, Evolution and Madness: An Interview with Eckhart Tolle.


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