A mind inside a Mind

Some days ago I attended a seminar about Advaita Vedanta, the School of Philosophy that states the unity of our individual soul with the Universal one. The conferenciant, an experimented teacher which 3o years of work in the topic, chose to give a more practical than theoretical lecture, so he gave us numerous examples of non dual experiences, meditation and other amazing tales that he lived for himself, some of which really impressed the audience.

In one of such tales he told us he was very shy in their young days, so the first time he had to talk in public, in an oral exam in the University, he became so nervous, so excited, that he experienced a body dissociation: suddenly, he was watching their own body in front of them. Being amazing, the next fact is even more incredible: the body, alone, started to talk … for forty minutes! During the monologue he was watching the whole scene some metres away, probably through “other body”, maybe an etheric body or something similar.

Assuming that such a story was true, one of the questions that arise is: if the guy was out of his body, then who was talking? Indeed, that strange story remembered me other one that happened to me in my childhood, not so amazing of course, but more real for me. I was only seven years old, and I was in the Maths class; the teacher was asking us questions, one by one. It happens that such teacher physically punished “bad students”, those who were not able to answer questions, and I was one of them. Indeed, I knew well the punishments, like being hit with a wooden ruler … the fact is I was terrified, as the teacher approached my fear grew and grew, until I became paralysed, unable to speak. Then, when the teacher at last arrived to me, something very strange happened, something difficult to explain, but also something I will never forget: “my body  talked”, not “me”; my “I” was shocked, closed within … what? Not sure, but I didn’t listen the question,  I was not there for listen it. Yet the answer cames … and was the right one! I remember the teacher looked at me with a strange expression, and advanced for ask the next classmate. I have no idea what they asked or what I answered, but the answer was the right one!

Both tales have a common characteristic: the identity of the person abandon the scene, running away, yet the body alone is able to do the work without “us”. How is possible? For me there are only one explanation: the oneness of mind. In the Advaita philosophy is said “the individual soul and the Universal soul are one“; I think the individual mind and the Universal mind are also one, and are intimately connected. When the individual desperately look for an answer, or a knowledge, and then their conscience abandon “the scene”, seems possible that the Universal mind temporarily occupied his place in the body, and do the work. How is possible? Because both minds, the individual and the Universal are one, the separation is entirely a product of our limited mind, that imagine we are isolated individuals.

Moreover, the Universal mind is not limited, having all the answers, all the existent knowledge, no question is too hard for it. The implications of this possibility are impressive.  If we are identified with our minds it will be almost impossible to accept such hypothesis, but if we can accept we are much more than our limited individual minds, is a plausible theory.

I’ve write  about the possibility of an Universal Mind time ago, so I don’t insist again here, the aim of this post is show another subjective fact, lived for me, also lived for an Advaita master, that can be explained in terms of a non dual, all pervading Mind. Being such Mind all pervading, supporting all the manifested things, it follows our individual minds also are within the Universal one. That’s why I chose “A mind inside a Mind” as the title of this post.


3 thoughts on “A mind inside a Mind

  1. Nice post. I suggest you read Ramana Maharishi’s “Who Am I” and Eckhart Tolle’s “The power of Now”. Both of them have gotten their clear experience from a simple question to themselves – who am I?

    • Thank you very much for read and comment, also for your suggestions, in fact, I read “The power of Now” some years ago, also I have “Who Am I” (in PDF 😉 but didn’t read it yet.

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