The key to happiness: a short tale

The Divine was lonely and wanted to share their Universe with somebody. He decided to create beings who could keep her company, so He did it. But one day, these beings found the key to happiness, followed the path to the Divine and reabsorbed to Him.

God was alone again, the Universe didn’t have any other inhabitant. He reflected. He thought it was time to create the human being, but he feared that he also might discover the key to happiness, to find the way to him and go back to Him. He kept thinking, wondering where he could hide the key to happiness for man not give her. He had, of course, to hide it in a remote place where man could not find it. First he thought hide in the bottom of the sea; then in a cave in the Himalayas; later, in a very remote edge of the outer space. But it was not satisfied with these places. He spent a long time, wondering what would be the safe place to hide the key to happiness. He thought the man would end descending to the most abysmal of the oceans and the key there would not be safe. It would be neither in a cave in the Himalayas, because sooner or later would find the land. It not even is well hidden in the vast sidereal space, that one day man would explore the entire universe. “Where to hide?” Continued wondering for a long. At last, the Divine came up suddenly the only place in which the man would not seek the key to happiness: within man himself. He created man and placed inside the key to happiness.

Look into yourself. “Challenge”  God and steal his supreme happiness.
This story was traduced from “Cuentos de la India” – by Ramiro Calle, a Spanish Yoga Master
singing in the rain

Is not the rain, of course, but the inner happiness the cause of such enjoying (Singing in the rain)


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