Turning your view of world outside in

I’ve found a talk from Jiddu Krishnamurti, and happen to found it very interesting, so I wrote an extract, adding some structure, here it is, hope you reader enjoy it!

Mind hides reality

arbresCan you observe anything – a tree, your wife, your neighbor, the politician, the priest, a beautiful face – without any movement of the mind? The images of your wife, of your husband, of your neighbor, the knowledge of the cloud or of pleasure, all that interferes, doesn’t it? So when there is interference by an image of any kind, subtle or obvious, then there is no observation, there is no real, total awareness – there is only partial awareness.

Real observation: no thoughts, the observer and the observed becomes one

To observe clearly there must be no image coming in between the observer and the thing observed. When you look at a tree, can you look at it without the thought of that tree in botanical terms, or the thought of your pleasure or desire concerning it? Can you look at it so completely that the space between you – the observer – and the thing observed disappears? That doesn’t mean that you become the tree! But when that space disappears, there is the cessation of the observer, and only the thing which is observed remains. In that observation there is perception, seeing the thing with extraordinary vitality, its colour, its shape, the beauty of the leaf or trunk; when there is not the center of the ‘me’ who is observing, you are intimately in contact with that which you observe.

Intelligence is not thoughts made for a conditioned mind

Intelligence comes when you understand and break away the interference of the conditioned mind. So you have to set about it; and the first thing is to be aware that your mind is not free. You have to observe how your mind is bound by prejudices and previous concepts, and then there is the beginning of intelligence, which brings freedom. To be creative, which is to have real initiative, there must be freedom; and for freedom there must be intelligence. A conditioned mind is not free because it can never go beyond its own borders, beyond the barriers it has built around itself; that is obvious. But you like your conditioning because you dare not go beyond; therefore you help to create the barriers which hold you. This is the prison in which most of us are caught.

A confused society produce confused individuals

We are aware of conflict, struggle, anxiety, loneliness, despair, lack of love, and fear, the political confusion, the divisions caused by nationalities and religions, the wars. Our social environment produces all this confusion and chaos; why do we live this way? Why is it that our educational system does not turn out real human beings but mechanical entities trained to accept certain jobs and finally die? Education, science and religion have not solved our problems at all. Looking at all this confusion, why does each one of us accept and conform, instead of shattering the whole process in ourselves?

Finding the purpose of life

People will go on inventing various purposes of life. The political group will have one purpose, the religious group will have another, and so on and on. But the important thing is not to ask what is the purpose of life, but to clear away the confusion that is within you, in your mind. It is like a blind man asking, “What is light?” From the moment he is able to see, he will never ask what is light.

Extracted from Waking Times.


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