Peace is within us, not out of us

Last night we were seeing with family a war movie, “Black Hawk Down”; the action happens in Somalia. At one point in the tape we saw hundreds of armed Somali militiamen acting as a horde of fools attacking a handful of UN soldiers, and killing them in terrible scenes; in that time crossed my mind the idea that the whole problem there was lack of full awareness, awareness “captured” by thoughts, and thoughts out of control.


Violent mob in the movie

So this morning I first meditate about it: the damage a deranged psychic activity associated with consciousness entangled in it can produce. Indeed, I think these bad disturbed conscious states, better said, disturbed unconscious states, are the source of all the conflicts.

Then, I spent 10 minutes practising a visualization: imagining a car with armed men somewhere Middle East, watching over a road; suddenly these men remain attentive to the sunset, in its beauty, and then experience their own inner presence, in mental silence, then realize themselves, beyond any external conflict,  which leads them to return to their homes, his family, to leave the conflict and embrace people of his village. Then I visualized the same change in consciousness happening worldwide, even to the world leaders, and finally how peace is established in all countries. Leaving the meditation, I felt a little thrill … so nice thoughts.



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