The science of the soul

Now, learn that the science of the soul is for join the mind with the unconditional joy which is within us; such joy is the reality, in contrast with the delusion. Yet, not only with the unconditional joy, but also with their inseparable companions: the unconditional beauty and the unconditional love, which are necessary for get the first.

With this aim, the mind must be cleaned of all trash, by an effort of the will. As a dewdrop must be clean of dust for contain a perfect reflection of the Sun, the soul is like the Sun of infinite joy, and a clean mind can reflect it; although the analogy is arbitrary, and only a weak attempt for bring understanding to your mind.

Maybe is more accurate to say that mind have to be saturated with the joy of the soul, and every feeling against this joy must to be separated by the will, like the dust in a mirror is cleaned by the hand of who are cleaning it.

The dust in the mirror of the mind is nothing but the vices and bad emotions which bring sorrow to the human being, which are delusions, without any real content, although seems the contrary, due to the proper delusion. 

So therefore know that, who open their mind for let by the joy of soul, wipe out all the sorrow, like the water moves away from the feathers of a swan, or like the throes of a child moves away from an adult. The Initiate – Cyril Scott

Many years ago when I read this text the words sounded to me like nice and true wisdom, but also sounded theoretical a lot; how we can fill the mind with such inner joy, if we can’t even notice it?

Now a days I know there are many ways to achieve such state of mind. We must notice that the title of this post says about a science, that means, a systematic set of methods that can be reliably applied for build knowledge.  Like any other science, it demands study and dedication. Also, there are so many ways because we the human beings are so different, we can find which method is the best for ourselves.

 Devotional way

The devotional mainstream proposes us to concentrate the mind in the Supreme Creator, trying to quieting it and to fill it with the higher peace; this way works directly over the mind. There are religious practices, retreats, readings and prayers, mantra chants like the ones in Hinduism, etc.

The knowledge way

This mainstream don’t use the Creator concept, instead use other meditation techniques, like mindfulness meditation, concentration in a candle flame, etc. The aim is the same: to quiet and control the mind, for to be able to feel the peace which are beyond thoughts. But When we have strong desires, a unconscious mind full of past frustrations, or a life full busy with work and worries, this way can be unsuccessful for us; even the non trained mind can develop a resistance against our attempts.

Other mainstream is the way of knowledge through mind; instead of try to quiet it, we use it for understand ourselves deeply and deeply, showing ourselves our limitations. Frequently, is a suffering way.


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