Universal and individual mind

Unheard intuition

Recently a friend told me: yesterday when I was parking my car in the street, a thought cross my mind: “please, please, don’t park here!”, followed almost instantly for the logical, rational answer from my mind: “huh? this is a good place, why not?”; so he decided to park there. Some hours after, when he went to take the car again, he saw somebody had broken the rear bumper, without any note, of course. My friend then came into despair, but not only for the accident, but mainly because  he “knew” that something bad would happen, and knowing it, he decided don’t listen to their non-logical knowledge. I think events like this have happened to many of us, right?

Sometimes a intuition come to us, a knowledge without explanation; often, our intellect rejects it, because it have not any logical source, and the intellect only can work within the framework “known cause – such effect”. Sometimes we decided to listen to intuition;  in such cases rarely fails, as in the episode of my friend. From where comes this intuition? How intuition can know the future?

Universal mind

For me, there are a unique answer: intuition comes from a higher mind, let me call him “Universal Mind”. What is this Mind? Well, is an concept shared by many well known people.

The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will; the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why. The truly valuable thing is the intuition.  – Albert Einstein – 

My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists. – Nikola Tesla –

Multiplicity is only apparent, in truth, there is only one mind… – Erwin Schrödinger –

Lately in my daily meditations I’ve been looking at this this topic (looking, not thinking about, in meditation we don’t think, instead, we look and contemplate). Well, at the first stage of meditation, we really start thinking about the topic with the intellect, asking questions, deep questions, and waiting for answers; such answers can’t come from the intellect, so when we are in mental stillness, waiting for the answers, with luck, the answers comes to us as intuitions.

Physical laws and Universal Mind

As a graduate in Physics, I know something about the (mathematical) laws of Universe, matter and energy. You know, Universe is complex a lot, tons of Physical laws are ruling all the reality, from the micro-cosmos up to the macro-cosmos. And the laws are incredibly exact! Otherwise, a chaotic Universe would be the result: even a very small change in any of the laws would drive the Universe to the chaos. Some questions arise: so, we have a very complex system, called Universe, ruled by a huge set of exact laws, so exact that we can write them in Mathematical language; but, where is stored all this information, all this laws? Moreover, how the Universe “knows” which law have to apply in every situation? In other words, where are the “memory” and the “instructions processor” of this system?

My intuition answered me: like you have an individual mind, there are a collective, Universal mind, which drive all, at every moment, in every location, from atoms up to galaxies. If this Mind stopped even for a moment, then laws would no longer apply, and reality would cease to exist. Moreover, our own individual mind, wired in our brain, is also a product of the Mind.

Individual mind and Universal Mind

And here comes the explanation about intuition: being individual mind a product of the Universal Mind, both are indeed connected. Moreover, human being not only have a mind, but also a conscience; usually our conscience is totally integrated with our little mind, but sometimes for a brief periods of time conscience can transcend it and can open to the Mind, receiving them a knowledge beyond the intellect. And here comes another question: who we are then? For we can connect, through our conscience, with both mind and Mind, seems we aren’t any of them. Are we pure conscience? Or what?

Let me resume all the previous ideas in a single diagram:

Hypothesis: exists an Universal mind and is related to our personal mind

Hypothesis: exists an Universal mind and is related to our personal mind

In the previous diagram there are some relationships still not well known, like the one between brain and awareness. Also, there are two conceptual levels of reality: the manifested reality, that one we can experience, and the unmanifested reality, which in fact is the origin of the former. About this levels I have write the post Physic reality and Mysticism.

There are another important consequence: we have a will, and we can connect to the Mind which rules the Universe; therefore, seems possible to use our will with the Universal Mind. Such possibility can be terrific, right? I mean in bad hands of course. Is something similar to black magic: use the Natural laws on our own selfish profit. But there are a contradiction: a selfish mind by definition is a isolated one, unable to connect with the Universal Mind, so there are no real danger, I think.

Connecting with the Universe: from mind to Mind

Connecting with the Universe: from mind to Mind


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