Physic reality and Mysticism

Physic reality as a continuum

Physic reality as a continuum, from Unmanisfested up to manifested, and beyond, maybe the return to Unmanifested?

In the picture I have tried show the physic reality as are presented by modern physic science, but also with a strong relationship with the points of view of many spiritual traditions. Let imagine all the reality as it were contained in a two dimensional surface,  to the left material objects gradually disappear, entering it the world of pure energy, and leftmost even the energy disappear and we arrive to the absolute void. But this void is not so void, but a very special one: is the source of all the rest, so it contains infinite potential energy, ready to start the creation. To the right we enter to the realm of matter: from very little objects like molecules up to worlds; rightmost we find enormous aggregations of matter, like the stars, and beyond this point scientists say there are mysterious “objects”, named black holes, where the matter vanish, and also time and  space, in a similar way to the leftmost void. Indeed, in the realm of pure energy time and space don’t exist, at least like we live them in our ordinary conscious state. This picture shows a scientific point of view, but also a mystical one, some references about:

When the day of Brahma dawns, forms are brought forth from the Unmanifest, when the night of Brahma comes, these forms merge in the formless again. Beyond this formless state there is another, unmanifested reality, which is eternal and is not dissolved when the cosmos is destroyed“. – Bhagavad Gita, chapter 8, Eknath Easwaran translation from Sanskrit.-

In Buddhism, Dharmakāya constitutes the unmanifested, “inconceivable” (acintya) aspect of a Buddha, out of which Buddhas arise and to which they return after their dissolution.” (from Wikipedia)

For all that is made manifest is subject to becoming, for it hath been made manifest. But the Unmanifest for ever is, for It doth not desire to be made manifest. It ever is, and maketh manifest all other things.” Hermetic tradition, source: Hermetica: The Greek Corpus Hermeticum… by Brian P. Copenhaver

Al-Batin” is one of Allah’s 99 Names. The meaning of Al-Batin is “The Hidden, The Unmanifest, The Inner”. Source:

At present, the main difference between the unmanifested points of view of science and mysticism is, I think, the personal factor: while in the scientific view there are not anybody there (except in the matter realm of course), in the mystical view we are much more than matter, so we are indeed full citizens of the unmanifested world, but only the illuminated people notice it. Moreover, the bridge between the matter realm and unmanifested realm are consciousness, which has the power to travel through the whole reality, if we train it.

An important point is: there are not any “wall” separating the material, manifested world and the non material  unmanifested one, reality is a continuum, the separation only exists in our limited little mind.

Actualization: an interesting reading about this topic I have found: Laozi and Quantum Physics.


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