From crawling to running and beyond

Talking from a spiritual point of view, 99% of human beings is like a baby crawling. In such state, we believe we are our bodies, maybe also our minds, minds that are not well trained, on the contrary, they react automatically in response to outer events. The unobserved thoughts create the personal ego, and we are in a mess with him. According to some beliefs, such state can last many lives, in which the true Self reincarnates again and again.

walking (source:

walking (source:

Some of us are just starting to learn to walk; you know, there are a big difference between crawling and walking: a new world opens their gates before us. We notice other planes of existence, more subtle, more peaceful. The ego, this maze of thoughts in which we have identified, becomes weaker, and occasionally we experience higher states of awareness but, like the baby just learning to walk, we often fall again to the previous state. Anyway, we already know by own experience that the new state is wonderful. As our awareness develops, our life changes, we start to know who really we are.

Imagine now you are fully awake, you no longer identified with your mind, you’re able to observe your thoughts without any craving, your sight is equanimous, you’re not longer any little personal ego, no selfish thought can dwell within your mind: maybe, from our present state, seems to us is the final stage of the human developing, right? What else? But, what about it were just a new start point? And if I told you it’s just the beginning? If I told you: these illuminated people are only  beginners in the spiritual development field, you’d think? Those people are like the children who already have learned to walk, but are still not able to walk long distances in the outer world because they are still  too weak, so they still have not seen nothing beyond their nearest environment.

As the child who master walking and just start to discover the outer world, a person liberated from their ego just starts to discover the chances that opens before him, because transcend the limited ego drives us to a transpersonal conscience, a sense of wholeness and to understand the true meaning of the word compassion. Perhaps our true nature is so great that we cannot even  imagine it their scope, like the baby who are learning to walk can’t imagine some day in the future he’ll run long distances on the mountains. Perhaps our true nature is as big as the Universe is.

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