Inner transformation becomes a gift to the world

Inner transformation ultimately becomes a gift to the world because in becoming freely, simply, and naturally human, we lose all the reasons to dis-empower, manipulate, or control others. Instead of shrinking back from reality, we naturally embrace everything because it is recognized to be an extension of our own being. The experience of oneness with life is can be compared to a Divine Love affair. The feeling of deep Love, appreciation, and intimacy towards all of life ever deepens, and we settle into a deep and loving relationship with all of existence. Love cannot help but be devoted to all life, because it sees itself always wherever it looks.

As we transform our self into Divine-Human beings, we naturally align with the vibration of Love. As we continually uncover the source of lasting peace, and become more accepting of what is, it is only natural to collaborate harmoniously with the outer world. As a result; encouraging others, wanting to see all of humanity empowered, free, and happy becomes a natural expression of our Love. Serving the world is not seen as an effort, a mission, or a project, or even as a goal to be accomplished, but as an effortless extension and expression of our inner state.

From ‘Freedom is your Nature’ – Christine Wushke



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