Talks with a master

This post is an extract of one talk between some seekers of knowledge and Antonio Blay, a Spanish master. Blay has not been translated to other languages, he didn’t travel to other countries, and he didn’t establish schools nor ashrams, unlike many oriental masters. That’s why he’s not well known. But his teachings are actually worthy. I read them since twenty years ago. The talk I want to extract is related to Advaita Vedanta philosophy, which nowadays I’m studying. Specifically, the topics covered are:

  • Continuity between different conscience planes
  • Self and Creation
  • Time and conscience. Existence as a pulsation
  • The now and the void
  • Knowledge, reasoning and intuition


Continuity between different conscience planes

Student: we feel separated from higher planes of existence, but we have heard there are only one existence, why this feeling then?

Master: Due to our partial perception, indeed there are not any separation. Seen from “above” there are not any creation because creation is all, all is included. Instead seen from “below” there are. 

Student: What do you mean with “above”?

Master: The highest point that can be, which is out of the creation.

Self and Creation

Student: I see, then, there are only a whole and nothing more, is this whole the creator?

Master: As I said, from outside of the creation, creation can’t exist. On the other hand if we are in the conscious of the creation, then the only thing that exist is the creation. We can’t live both aspects at the same time. The problem is: while we are into the creation, we are trying to attribute the subjective notion we have, to the highest Self, imagining a being called God, and this is wrong. If you call Self to the Absolute reality, then the creation is not, and if you call Self to the whole creation, then the Absolute is not. 

Student: But, can’t we see God like something embedded in all the things around us?

Master: Does not matter. Or are the forms, or is God, but not together.  God is not any form nor thing.

Student: I mean to see him as something global.

Master: When you have a set of things, you can think in global, but the Creator of everything can’t be another thing, do you understand? We usually think about God like whether He were a thing, a very big thing, but a thing, this is false. Actually, we can’t formulate anything about the Creator, when we do it, we take attributes from our experience, from the becoming, from the manifested, while He is beyond it. 

Time and conscience. Existence as a pulsation

Student: Creation and time go together, right? So, seen from “above”, there are no time, and seen from “below” there are time but no “above”. So seen from here, from creation, what is “above”? 

Master: A phenomenon of consciousness.

Student: Then, the creation is a process running? Seeing it from creation point of view.

Master: Creation seems a continuous process … to our consciousness. But is possible to discover creation has a discontinuity. Is like the images in film: there is an illusion of continuity, but actually is not continuous, there are times that there aren’t images, there is nothing at all. The notion of time come from our conscience of change, comparing our perception of a small part of the whole with others perceptions of other small parts. But time, seen from above, is only one thing, one moment. So the Creation is a single action made from eternity. But also is is an action made in each moment, seen from below. Each moment has their root in the eternity of now. Moreover, we can live, we can experience, that in each moment, things cease to be, and are again. So in each moment we can live in a unique and total way, because in every moment all start to be new

The now and the void

Student: I think we can live the time as non existent, because only exist the present moment, past and future don’t exist, right?

Master: Not exactly. If for you the present is a succession of events or states, then it is not more the present. Present is unique, without any change. You can live it looking for the root of your live, the root of all the phenomena. When you stop to live hypnotized for the phenomena field, and try to find the “I” from where arise all, your subjective notion of time will disappear. Eventually you’ll reach a point without dimensions nor time, but at the same time it includes all possible notion of time. And you are able to do it now: you can do it, you can live it.

Student: yeah, I have read about the void, there are schools teaching it, like Zen for example. They say the world indeed not exist …

Master: Said that way is false. They say the real nature of all is void (Sunyata). According with Mahayana, this is the true reality of everything. And is right. But, if we see it from our consciousness, identified with things, the the notion of void is false. 

Knowledge, reasoning and intuition

Student: All of this seem to me too theoric, and maybe not useful.

Master: Not believe it, this are important questions, related with states of mind. Many people ask this questions, so is a demand from within, borned from a need. Mind needs feed for their develop, the mind is satisfied knowing only. 

Student: But by the way of knowledge we can’t understand this topics, right?

Master: I think so yes, moreover, is the only way for come to understand it. 

Student: You mean understand intuitively, without reasoning?

Master: To think is related to look for intuitions, when you think wanting to know the subject, to understand it. When an area of mind need enlightenment, a research process is needed, human mind works that way. But we don’t have to limit the research to find concepts, instead we need to see what is behind the concepts. The true is behind the thinking, so eventually I have to stop think … even my mind still run, very attentive and relaxed. 

Student: I still believe is complicated to think about this topics …

Master: You don’t have to think, you have to see. I don’t think. Is a inner silent attitude. 


Bibliography: “Pláticas sobre el trabajo interior. Conversaciones con Antonio Blay“. (Spanish edition)



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