Being and doing

All we can do is to the extent that we do we are. The “doing” is an expression of my own awareness of being. Lots of people have problems with their environment, with their circumstances, and they want to change their way of doing, but they can’t change if before they didn’t change their way of being, because the first is an expression of the second.

We are all we have developed. And we develop just that we do, the way that we do. So what we are doing today is what we will be tomorrow. My doing is developing me, it makes me grow. And this way of develop includes happiness too. If I don’t learn the way of become more happy right now, I can’t expect to be more happy tomorrow. For if, as is usual, I’m waiting for something that brings me happiness in the future, then I’m only developing a dependency. With this dependency strongly developed, when at last I’ll receive something good like I expected, after a short time I’ll return to my old behaviour: waiting for something better in the future, in an endless waiting of more and more.

How we can develop our happiness now and here? One way is through meditation. Thanks to meditation we can develop detachment from our thoughts and desires, we start to be free, and this is the first crucial step. Then, we can learn to have a positive relationship with ourselves. We need to accept ourselves as we are right now, and see we are perfects as we are, no need for more. I’m not talking about our personality, but our inner self. If I can’t have this absolutely positive relationship with myself, then I will not be able to have positive relationships with the others. Moreover, when I will be able to connect with my own real inner self, then I’ll be able to see the inner self of the others, beyond their surface. This is the basis of true, lasting, loving relationships, and happiness.


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