Non-dual reality

Since years ago I have convinced we all have a “higher self”, or, in short,  a Self, dwelling within us, almost unnoticed, except in rare and short times. Our usual way to live is almost always clinging to our intellect, to a point we believe we are our mind.

The intellectual mind , which is a wonderful instrument of symbolization , is always based on past data , interprets this in terms of the past , may not work otherwise . But you ‘re living more. If not, you would realize that you suffer when you suffer . No you would realize all your inner experiential world , with your intellectual mind . But when you think, think only with your intellectual mind,  reducing all the inner complexity, is all you can make with your intellectual mind . And you try to make decissions with the same intellectual mind. We have an inner world of life which far exceeds the intellectual mind. And that’s just on a purely psychological level, without talk about spiritual world. You are more than your intellectual mind, and you can find it right now, at this very moment. Your reality is much richer and with more complex formulations than your intellectual mind. We are mesmerized by the intellectual mind, clenched in it, but there is someone behind that mind..” The Reality – Antonio Blay


The literature about this topic also claims the non-duality of the Self, that is, our inner Self is not separated from the Self of others, indeed, they are like waves in the sea, every wave seems to us has a separated existence, but in fact they are only oscillations of the sea, the ultimate reality.

There is only one higher self that dwells in all humans. No one separately for each individual. As Jesus of Nazareth said: I am in my Father, and He in me and I in you.” Finding The Higher Self – Paul Brunton

I always have had difficulties with the concept of non-duality, it was a hard topic for me. How we become one with all without lost our identity? But nowadays this possibility is slowly incoming in my comprehension. Is clear that, from an intellectual point of view, we never can be agree with the non-dual concept of the Universe, because the intellectual mind works exclusively with objects separated by borders. But our consciousness can overcome this limited point of view. When consciousness is linked and closed in the mind, we can’t see anything more. When we meditate, in fact we are training our consciousness for to be free, a state easily achieved when the mind is stilled. And then, we can be one with the Universe.

I am existence, consciousness and bliss (Sat, Cit, Ananda), untethered, self-luminous, free from duality. This state is called Samadhi.Drg Drsya Viveka – Sankaracarya

So nowadays I’m reading and meditating about non-duality (Vedanta tradition, and also Physics, as Quantum Physics), and a new source of peace is opening before me.



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