Don’t forget me


Mufasa’s Ghost: Simba, you have forgotten me.
Simba: No. How could I?
Mufasa’s Ghost: You have forgotten who you are and so have forgotten me. Look inside yourself Simba. You are more than what you have become. Remember who you are.

– The Lion King (1994) –


Not only the young Lion King has forgotten who he is, but all of us. A lot of ancient traditions say us we are divine in nature, but very few of us even think about it; the result is we are living under our real possibilities. In our defense we can say is difficult a lot to notice our true nature. Why? Why is so difficult to realize out nature?

Universal consciousness

Recently science researches have discovered some evidences that strengthens the theory of quantum consciousness (see, for example the physicist Roger Penrose talking about this theory in this You Tube video).  Basically, the theory says the Universe have some consciousness integrated in their structure, and there are a connection, a physical connection, between our brain and this Universal consciousness. Take note is a science theory, not a metaphysical one. The evolution from the origin of the Universe, the big-bang, up to the human being, is a consciousness evolution. Seems the human being is the only one capable of self-a consciousness. Due to the connection between Universal consciousness and our self-consciousness through the brain, maybe we are the link through Universe can be aware of himself!

In fact, the idea of Universal consciousness, a single intelligence that fill all the Universe, is not new at all, there are ancient philosophies that talk about the idea. One of them are the called Vedanta.

Vedanta, oneness and duality

Vedanta doctrine claims oneness of the self, but with certain degrees of consciousness, the higher one is named Samadhi. At our normal waking state we are identified with our intellect, which is object-oriented, that is, the intellect see the world as absolutely fragmented, the contrary of the oneness of the reality. The observer and the observed are different, and we name this state as duality point of view. When we meditate, this limited point of view is overcome, at least momentarily, so we can have brief moments of non-duality point of view: the observer and the observed are the same, we become one with the Universe. I wrote about this topic time ago in the post Oneness of the self, here in this blog.

Evolution of consciousness

Maybe the Self don’t known himself, He only be, without self-consciousness. The Self have three qualities in superlative degree: intelligence, energy and loving-kindness. We have the potential to connect with this shining being, but with effort and only for brief moments, due to the duality of our mind: we can’t see that the Self and ourselves are the same, are One.

In each incarnation, the Self becomes wrapped within our body and mind. I think there are the innate tendency in human beings towards individualization, so that the Self first identifies with the body, then with the mind creation: the ego. And I think the ego is a brain product, because he have defense reactions when attacked, to survive, a genetically programmed behaviour.  Probably the Self identification with the ego is a necessary temporal stage for their evolution, there are not any other way for get to know himself.

Anyway, behind our limited dual consciousness, related to the intellect and the ego, there are a unlimited non-dual consciousness, related to the Self and the whole Universe, waiting patiently for us, for our awareness, saying quietly: don’t forget me!




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