Domestic affairs

Which things are really worthy and which are not? For prehistoric man clearly was to get food and don’t become food. Later, with first civilisations, cames the culture, the commerce, and the money, without forget the war.

In our contemporary world we have more luxuries than never before, but we must recognize our world is the most complicated too. Tons of information surround us. Changes occurs at high speed, contstantly. In such times, become necessary a timeless skill, named discrimination: the ability to recognize which is worthy, which is the right way. I think our time is lacking in discrimination. We are trained, since we was childs, in focusing on manipulating the world outside us, forgetting the world within. But, is the inner world which can give us discrimination. Only there we can find meaning, purpose, value of life.

In Jnana Yoga, a way of enlightenment that drives us to direct intuitive perception of the Supreme Self, one of the four means of salvation is Viveka: discrimination between the real and the unreal, between the permanent and the impermanent, between the Self and the non-Self. The ability of see which are the choices and values that drive us in the direction of the unity of life. Even for people not interested  in spirituality, discrimination is needed for avoid to send our world to disaster.

Lately, I’m trying to apply this discrimination in my daily life. As a result, there are things that seemed important to me, like work, political, and others, that now seems to me only domestic affairs. Like the monk who have to work daily in the tasks he has assigned, but their mainly aim is meditate, and all the other things are secondary, nowadays I only give worth to the actions and thoughts directly related to enlightenment. Of course, when I have to do any of my domestic jobs, I put all my effort in it, but not my self, only my mind. This new point of view is a direct consequence, I think, of the liberation of desires and ego dissolving. Work don’t realize me at all, is only work, no more.



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