Is it really necessary to suffer to become enlightened?

Suffering and life are inseparable, Buddha said, and I agree, of course. Is true there are people that seem don’t suffer so much, apparently they have a happy life, whilst another people are really living in misery. But even the happy ones must deal illness and ageing, and eventually die. But, why we must to suffer? What is the meaning of all this suffering?

Recently I read one post related to this question: What is the meaning of life? In this post the author states:

The attainment of enlightenment is therefore the real meaning of human life.

I’m agree, I think so. But, is really needed the suffering? Well, you know, I’m not a theoretic of Buddhism, yet I use to read a lot about it. There are explanations that answer my question in the Buddhist doctrine, see for example What’s the Use of Suffering?.  But here in this blog I only write about my self experience, only about facts lived by myself. So, since now, the utility of suffering have remained hidden for me.

Last week, while I was meditating, the knowledge / intuition comes to me; is difficult to explain how, but, when knowledge comes in this way, you really knows the true without need any further proof: you know it.

Suffering is useful for to realize what we are not. Our habitual consciousness is tied to the intellectual mind. How we can cut this chains and liberate our consciousness from the mind? Well, suffering is born in the mind, which can generate a lot of suffering and can drive us to a hell in the Earth. Sometimes, in some persons, the suffering becomes unbearable,  then this people have a strong pull for to cut the link with their crazy mind. In such cases, consciousness move on, becomes free, and transcends the ego. So, suffer can be a way for transcend our normal consciousness and achieve enlightenment. This is the clear notion I have now by own experience. In the next post, I will talk about where consciousness goes when the chains with mind are cut.





A nice site for meditating in the Pyrenees, in Europe



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