Searching for lasting happiness

A short story about where happiness really is. This story come to my mind after the reading of this nice writing.


Once upon a time a guy with a dream, a common dream: to be happy.

He had had a broken family, so his mainly aim was to have a nice one.

He married and he worked hard for it, taking care about his formed family.

But things gone wrong again, his wife changed, she didn’t be the same person who married with him, she became an egoistic, selfish person.

Gradually he forgot his dream, he became centered in his job and hobbies, searching there the lost happiness.



But one day, a new workmate came; she was shy but passionate, kind and clever, a hard worker, and so pretty. With time, he noticed that he liked her. And that guy came to think: maybe is not too late for me, maybe God decided to give me a second chance, maybe my happiness is in front of me, waiting. But in these time he didn’t know the special customs and culture of the girl, a very conservative ones: divorce are considered almost a curse for her whole family. To marry with a divorced guy was not a choice.

With time, he came absolutely be in love with her; she noticed it, and, despite she felt strong attraction too, she strove for keep the distance, even pretending to ignore him. So there were days of proximity followed by others of restraining, due to her beliefs.



Eventually she gave the solution to get rid of her own pain: she look for an acceptable boyfriend in Facebook, somebody of her same culture, somebody that was able to be accepted for her family, switching a guy for another more convenient. And at the same time, moving our protagonist to the “friend zone”, even asking him their opinion about her new boyfriend! Obviously, this could be a good fix for her, but a destructive one for him. But, she deserves to achieve her dream, right? So is OK for her.



Nothing is more hard, I think, that to show somebody with hungry of happiness a door to heaven, and when the guy wants over all the things to cross it, to close the door and lock it.

So our guy lost twice their chance. This last was specially destructive. He became depressed. Then, he started to search for help. Mistrusting doctors and their drugs, he started to do meditation, and read a lot about Buddhism and their promise about the end of suffering.

 One day, while he was reading about awareness, it happened: he felt like a flow within, a dissolving sensation. From this day, all their desires died. He desires nothing at all. Their old hobbies didn’t give him pleasure. Their work became a huge routine, no more. He felt died, finished, but in peace. He desired no more the beloved girl. So he felt finished but free.

With time, the girl let the job, and our guy never see her again, except occasionally in Facebook, in the friend zone of course. She wanted to invite him to her wedding, but of course he didn’t go.



Our protagonist felt in peace but sad, is not a desirable state. He kept up the meditation daily sessions and the spiritual readings, and eventually he discovered that Love always had been with him, within himself. But his mind was convinced he must search for love in the world, an unsuccessful way. He experienced some moments of bliss, inner happiness, unconditional. He explored the Metta Buddhist way and the Bodhisattva way. And he feel love for all beings. Good!

But happiness was not permanent: it goes and went. Then he discovered there are still another work for to do: clean the frustations in the subconscious, the old unsuccessful desires was there yet.

 At last, one day he made the decision: he want to be happy, he deserve it, and he will work for it. No more waiting for somebody that open it for him. The door of heaven was locked, nobody will open it for him, he, himself, must open it. This is their only desire now.



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