The background

Freedom I’m reading nowadays my new book for this Christmas, Freedom is your Nature, from Christine Wuskhe. She talks to us about her own inner transformation, shifting the focus of attention from our thoughts to the origin of them, inwards. Christine compares the shift to the one occurs when we see ourselves in a mirror: we usually only see our own image, ignoring the mirror that makes possible the existence of the image.Well, I only have read the first two chapters, there are still a lot of information for to discover in the next days. This kind of books must be read slowly.

While I was reading I remembered I had read something similar time ago, so I leaved the book for search it in my library. I found it, but it was a course of ten lessons in MP3 format, not a book: The reality; this course was recorded in the 80’s o maybe 90’s by a Spanish psychologist, Antonio Blay, who oriented their career toward transpersonal psychology.  I listen again some lessons, searching for the similarity that I remembered.


Blay uses the sea waves for illuminate the point: our mind is object-oriented, his aim is to divide the reality in objects; when we see the sea, the waves are the protagonist, and the sea takes second plane.

The waves are more real than the sea, because the sea don’t have any shape, is formless. But, waves are part of the sea, are made of sea; moreover, waves are temporary, meanwhile sea is always there, so the reality is that the sea is “more real” than the waves, just the contrary our mind perceives.

This is the coincidence I looked for between these two authors. Both try to explain us ways for the re-connection between personal psychological makeup and background, deep center individual conscience. This is only the first step: our background is not an isolated one, but an universal one. Returning to the waves and sea simile, our individual consciousness are like the waves in the ocean of universal consciousness. The path is to be aware of the oceanic consciousness while we are living our little individual consciousness. In words of Blay: this is not only a shift, but a revolutionary inner change.

Happy new year!


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