Moral behavior: the authentic meaning of the concept

Recently I have discovered for my own experience the authentic meaning of the concept “moral”. The ordinary meaning is diffuse, you know, there are a lot of moral norms, one for each culture, human group, and epoch. Sometimes, the moral norms of our elders and forefathers seems to us outdated. And the same happens with moral norms of other cultures: they can seem inadequate, unsuitable and even immoral! So it follows, by logical reasoning, that all the moral norms of the world are relative, they don’t have an absolute validity.  

But, while I was meditating yesterday, came to my memory some events lived in which I can recognize that, while I lived them, I felt some inner and subtle discomfort about my own behavior, about my reaction in front of the events. Because the subtlety of the feeling, it was almost unnoticed, but in meditation I was able to recognize it, and then concentrate in it, looking for its source. And then, I was able to recognize this same inner discomfort in many of my past actions and thoughts, all archived in my memory. The feeling have been always there, almost unnoticed, since yesterday, when I became fully aware of it.

And now I think I have found the real meaning of moral, one that I have read before in some books, one that since now has been a theoretic one, not a lived and realized one. It consist in to be full aware of this inner feeling, taking care about it, for don’t harm it with our actions nor words nor even thoughts.  All of us have this inner feeling, subtle, but always present. We only have to look for it inwards.

Moreover, we can now describe the discomfort feeling that I have when my acts, words or thoughts aren’t the correct ones with precision: I feel false, like I’m having a behavior that don’t represent me at all, like I’m acting as another person. So from now on, I’l try to act, speak, and think is such ways that I don’t feel as a strange guy, but I feel as my authentic inner self.

Clearly, this moral is far away from the ordinary concept. So is possible to do acts in accordance with our inner moral, but disagree with the outer one. In this case, we have to be brave, and honest with ourselves, and we must to do what we feel as correct.

PD: sorry for my bad English!


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