White Magic

Many years ago, in my 14’s, I found a very strange book that had drown my attention, named “Cyclomancy: The Secret of Psychic Power Control“; I have found a reference here, if you, reader, have curiosity. The book promises to the reader the acquiring of great powers such increase the muscle power up to 10 times with our mind, to move objects with the mind, to see up close from a big distance (even hundreds or thousands miles!), acquire X-ray vision, and many other super-powers.


I must say now that in these times was famous the series “Kung-Fu” with David Carradine, and that I was an absolutely fan of this series; the protagonist had too super-powers due to his mental and physical training, so the reader can imagine the effect that the promises of the book had on me.

So I bought the book, carefully read it, and with full faith about the results, did the exercises proposed. This exercises are spread in twenty lessons, progressively more difficult, and I can say that I had success in all the exercises I tried (I didn’t do all the exercises), but I left the “course” in lesson eight due to the fear that I felt as a result of the success: I was only a boy, and such mental powers seemed to me dangerous, moreover, it can convert a normal guy in a rare one, and this possibility, to become rare, is unpleasant for a teenager.

I think to have faith in the results is great for to improve and to accelerate the achieving in any topic, but specially in mental powers development. In my 14’s I had full faith in the possibility of to obtain mental powers, and enthusiasm too. Maybe this two factors, and my youth too, can explain the fast success that I obtained.

In fact, the author of the book said “this is a white magic course”, that is, the use of super-powers for good and selfless purposes, but with time seemed to me it was the contrary: the powers was useful for selfish purposes, so it was more near of black magic (if you are newbie with this concepts, Wikipedia contains good explanations about: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_magichttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_magic).

Which exercises (and “powers”) was the ones I had success? Here is a brief summary, not a full one:

  1. Produce an noticeable change in the temperature of your hands after driving psychic power commands into them; with one had submerged in cold water, experience warmth applying only willpower.
  2. Estimate the exact time in any time of the day, instantaneously, without any thinking nor watches, and to awake in the morning at some preset time without alarm clock.
  3. Increase markedly, at will, the muscular strength; here I did a dangerous exercise: in a gym, later in the afternoon, with nobody there, I loaded a barbell weight lifting with about 80 kilos (about 180 pounds) and try to lift them… without any training! and surprisingly I can lift them easily!
  4.  To send infrared rays with eyes,  “touching” a distant person! Yes, this sound incredible of course, it was my first “external corporeal power”. At a distance of about two hundred meters a girl walking on the street feels like someone touch gently on her back so she turns back, only for realize that nobody was there, while I was watching all the history far away. This is the first succeeding exercise that scare myself. 
  5. To “dissolve” a cloud with infrared rays… well, this sounds too incredible, and was my last succeeded exercise, it was too much for a boy.

After the last exercise I left the book in the library and never never have used it again, and I have lost all the old “powers”. But the experience was great for me, it shows clearly that my old materialism was wrong, and the quote “There are more things in people’s minds and bodies, my son, Than are dreamt of in all their sciences” included in the dedicatory of the book, really are true! So this old book left his mark in me, for sure.

(Off the topic: sorry for my bad English, I’m really trying to improve it!)


6 thoughts on “White Magic

  1. fantastic
    I`m reading this book and I really want to gain this knowledge
    i want to change my face shape because due to some accidents in my childhood my face has lost its symmerity
    I have problem in my social life because people dont undrestand my real facial expressions and it caused me to think about sucide several times
    imagine if you just could have that power again what could you do for people in my situation?
    please just pray for me

    • Well, from my current perspective, better than have the power of change your physical appearance using mental powers for improve your social life, is to change your mind, learning that the real person, the worth one, is beyond the physical appearance. Realize such knowledgement brings us self acceptance and peace, enough for to live fully, no matter with the appearance. What about to try this way?

      • maybe you are right but do other people look at us and accept us as we perceive ourselves?
        we dont always have strength to endure all judgments and loneliness. my facial expressions seem i`m lying or mocking people! thats not just unattractive but it also ruins friendships and affection.

    • Of course I can understand your position. You have dificulties, but also you have strengths. Look at many celebrities, they have beauty and money, but often they fall in alcohol and drugs and even some of them commit suicide. Why? Their relationships are superficial, so their lives are empty of real worth. Is difficult you’re going to have such superficial friendships, maybe you’re going to have only a few friends, true, but they will be true friends, of the type who see your real self. This is your strenght: all your friends will be truly friends. Learn to accept yourself as you are, be kind and honest with people, give time to time, and be sure you’ll get truly friends.

      • i should heal my wounds before trying to ingest and understand your words. i’ve been hurt deeply in the past it needs a tremendous amount of energy and strength to free myself
        its not brain its heart that makes us want to believe in a logic and reject another

        thank you for your insights

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