I only believe in what I see and I can touch (this was my thought)

In this first post I will explain my initial position before starting the journey of self-discovery. In fact, this position never has changed, it’s the same at this time: not to believe anything I do not know from own experience. The crucial difference is in the experiences I’ve had over the last 30 years.
When I was a little child I was very religious, every night prayed my catholic prayers;  at age of eight I admired the priests because I believed they had high principles: honesty, goodness, etc. Then, unfortunate events, like my parents’ fights or illness and death of close relatives,  changed my mind, so I became a materialist: God not exists, and religions are untruths. So, in my teens, I was an skeptical.

About this point, to believe or not, or, in other words, to have faith, it will be convenient to say a few words here and now. When my beloved mother died in an accident, I lost my faith, as occurs to many people, because I didn’t keep trusting in a God that allows such misfortunes. I know that faith is very important for millions of people in the world, but I didn’t trust longer.

So I believed “me” and “my mind” was the same, and both are contained in my brain. This thought coincides with the strong thesis of Artificial Intelligence. But this mind state will not be for a long… as I’ll explain in the next post.


One thought on “I only believe in what I see and I can touch (this was my thought)

  1. Reblogged this on paarsurrey and commented:
    Paarsurrey says:
    I think it is a weak argument.
    Suppose you are blind; will it be rational for you to deny existtence of sun, moon, sky etc; which you can neither see nor touch.
    So you shall have to improve on your argument.

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